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Era of Megafires presentation touches on issues of regional importance


Throughout the West, more smoke and fire is coming. How we receive our smoke and fire, however, is up to us. Do we want these in smaller, recurring, controlled burns, or in rarer but uncontrollable megafires (fires over 100,000 acres)? Megafires and the destruction caused by them is a serious and growing issue in our region.

Dr. Paul Hessburg, a research landscape ecologist with the Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Research Station and a member of the University of Washington’s Affiliate Faculty, will discuss this issue in a 70-minute presentation titled “Era of Megafires” that will be held at 7 p.m., Wednesday, March 1, in Whitman College’s Maxey Hall, 173 Stanton St. Hessburg will present fast-moving, short, topic-based talks interspersed with compelling video vignettes and photos. After the presentation, there will be a question-and-answer session around topics that are relevant to the community in order to create local actions and address local challenges.

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